To stand before a class leading asanas, is humbling. To witness people unlock something inside of themselves through breathwork and movement with my verbal cues, brings me joy. To offer a service through corporate partnerships, to underrepresented communities who have been priced out by the traditional costs of yoga classes and accessories for free, is rewarding. To show them that yoga is for them too through my instruction, musical selections, and expertise is empowering.

Like me, they matter and are seen too. What is beautiful to witness in the free yoga sessions, is the diversity within a community. People coming together with the commonality of wellness, despite their physical, political or gender differences gives me optimism of a better tomorrow. Because yoga is for everyone. I am inspired by the Black women in my yoga community like Faith Hunter, Trap Yoga Bae and Yoga Mahogany who show up in their practice with authenticity and provide a safe space for people of color to experience yoga. By no means is the Black experience monolithic; it is layered as we have diverse cultural backgrounds. But this is my journey, this is me and it is affirming to be seen.